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 NYU InterVarsity - NYU InterVarsity, Multi-Ethnic Fellowship
Find Community


We believe that God's wants to Inspire our creativity and our lives as a whole.  We are a community of artists that bring God's love to the arts community at NYU.

Thursdays 7pm in GCASL 484. Contact Ryan:

We are a newly formed group that seeks to take on the promises of God for abundant life and Thrive in the business world.  We are here to bring Christ's renewal in college business world and beyond.

Tuesdays 7 pm GCASL 484. Contact Trevor for more info


We have a variety of ways to connect International Students, including English Conversational Groups.  

This group will be meeting at various times throughout the semester.  

Contact Rafael for more info

All Campus Prayer is Tuesdays 8 am, GCASL 472.

InterVarsity MEF Chapter prayer is Mondays 4:30 pm, GCASL 283

We want to stand on this promise God has given us!

"if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land." Chronicles 7:14

History proves God's promise true. When speaking on what brings revival Tim Keller said, "always, there is united, there is extraordinary... across denominational barriers, across racial barriers, Kingdom-oriented, outward focused corporate prevailing prayer, always."

We want to provide a place for nurses to come together, support each other, and be a witnessing community within the Nursing Program.  Other medical students are welcome too.

Fridays 4 pm in GCASL 484. Contact Shizuku for more information:

We want to provide a place of athletes of faith to support each other and to build a witnessing community among the athletic community at NYU.  If you have a heart for this but are not current playing a sport you are welcome too.

We meet Mondays at 8 pm. Contact Lucas for more info:

Join our new group in exploring our cultural identity in relationship to our spiritual identity. What does it mean to be Latinx? Why is that important in the context of our faith? Come to our meetings to engage in meaningful conversations and find community! We will meet Tuesdays at 5 pm. Contact Ginnila for more info:

Come for friendship, fun, depth, and to learn how your identity as a woman of God.

We meet Mondays at 8pm.

Contact Nina for more info:

Join other men to have fun, seek God, and read scripture.  We will look at how we believe God has called us to be men in the midst of many voices on this issue in our society.

Every other Friday 6 pm. Contact Sean for more info:


Help change our culture of constant consumption to consistent compassion.  We can change the world through our daily buying habits and practices.

Read more about the movement.

If you are interested in helping to start this movement at NYU contact Trevor

Each week MuCh (website) hosts a group discussion about a specific topic chosen to facilitate discussion about Islam and Christianity. There will be a short presentation on the topic at the beginning of the meeting, but the majority of the meeting will be spent in group discussion.

Every other Tuesday 7pm in GCASL 465, keep updated on facebook

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