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Kingdom Values, Decisions Made
(Mar 04, 2012 00:00)


Proverbs 17:9, 17 NKJV

“He who covers a transgression seeks love, But he who repeats a matter separates friends (9). A friend loves at all times, And a brother is born for adversity (17).”

I know God is speaking straight into the hearts of people, for He is raising a people, filled with His Holy Spirit, living in the fullness of His love. I think tonight about the hearts that are hurting in the Christian community; may I concentrate on those at NYU for a moment? All around us, we see chaos, the world heading into a tailspin and people near us losing love for lack of hope, trust and a future. It breaks my heart seeing the devastation in the Christian community, where the enemy is trying to infiltrate the vision that stands on Christ and His promises. But can I suggest that it does not matter how far off the enemy drives us from home, God is willing to meet up on the way back home with the fullness of His love and promises? Can I suggest to every Christian at NYU that even if the blessing seems to have slipped from our hands, we will not fall from His hands? Even if we seem to have lost the power of God, I see restoration storming up ahead to collide with our weakness so that when we are weak, then we are strong. 

Many see a dry valley, with dead bones, unable to live or arise for time has past, leaving behind the former days of glory and ushering days of dryness. Oh, but what if we were to remember that the more impossible a situation seems, the greater the deliverance and power of God? I feel a burning in my heart, weeping for the saints at NYU but at the same time making a call for them to rise up and take their right full place. For far too long we have allowed the enemy to get the upper hand in our emotions, hearts and values. God wants to raise a people, who will be known by their love for Him and who will stand against the gates of hell because we have a promise that the gates of hell will not prevail against us.

But you ask, how can restoration, life and power come? It comes in Love. It comes in the love of someone who seeks God and loves people. It comes in the Christian who chooses to use the love covering to encourage, support and uphold someone who is found in adversity, pain, suffering and death. A love that only God can create in us rises to minister to the marginalized, broken and nothings both in the Christian and non-Christian community. That Love is found in someone who has made a choice to love unconditionally, offering their lives as a sacrifice for the well-being of others. There is a Love, that comes from knowing and seeking God, in which adversity brings the body together rather than divide it. This Love compels us to run this race with one another rather than alone. It compels us to stop running inside the race track and stop at the side of the road to treat someone’s wounds and remain with them until they can run with us. The enemy can come and bring devastation, ashes, dry bones, a wasteland, hopelessness, and death but He who is greater, brings an army, life, truth, a garden, light and Jesus.

Our battle has been won. God claimed the victory at the Cross.

The time has come to return back to the heart of that Love that compels us to live our lives with Kingdom Values and make Decisions in line with God’s will.